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Artificial Insemination of Mares (AI)

Reproduction is a large part of our workload.  Our experienced veterinary surgeons have artificially inseminated a large number of mares with both chilled and frozen semen for many years with a very high success rate.  These procedures can either be carried out at your yard or your mare can be admitted to our clinic.

Customer Comments:

My poor horse got beaten up by our other horse last night who drove him into a corrugated iron roof, leaving him with horrid bone deep wide facial lacerations. Graham from Dorset Equine dropped everything to get someone out to him immediately (after ringing around our usual two vets, neither of whom could come until later that day, if at all!) They have done a magnificent job and were fantastically sympathetic and kind. I can thoroughly recommend them as an establishment to have the number of in your mobile phone.

Sarah-Jane Morris, Sydling St Nicholas

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